Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rogue Trader Station Generator Utility v1-00r2 Released

Something new.  A Station Construction utility in the vein of the RTSU.  The RTSG allows you to build a IoM station in modular sort of way.
  • Cruiser Components are used in all cases where cruiser components are available.
  • Hab Blocks are 'Crew Quarters'.  The total Space of components is used to derive a crew complement and a required number of Habs is indicated.  You choose the type of Habs.
  • Stationmaster Bridge is only Bridge Option at this point.  I used the Ship Master's Bridge Space Power and SP as a base. It provides the Bridge Component and Detection Base of +20.
  • Hydroponics Decks are Arboretums, the cruiser class component.  One is required per 100,000 population.
  • Base Turret Rating is One (1).
  • You can indicate on the BUILD sheet the name and class as well as the assumed non-crew inhabitants of the station.
  • Base Armour Plating is 6, additional levels of Armour Plating add 2 points at a cost of 1sp.  The only practical limit is cost.
Weapons are not implemented yet and it lacks a lot of bells and whistles but its character sheet is working and spits out the content in a neat, easily readable format.  More to come.

You can download the RTSGv1-00r2 HERE

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